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Which Side Are You On? Identity Politics

How did we get to the point where most of the world has a list of labels for themselves that they use to protect themselves from people with a different list? Identity politics. Identity politics did not happen by mistake. A divided population is weak and easily defeated. Chaos, violence, fear and financial strain areContinue reading “Which Side Are You On? Identity Politics”

War is a mere continuation of politics with other means

In the toolbox of policymakers, war is one among many. When deemed appropriate by the powers that be, war can be chosen as a means of enacting policy – no more or less legitimate than any other – albeit, crucially, not to replace, but to complement other tools of policy. When the Prussian military GeneralContinue reading “War is a mere continuation of politics with other means”


Bullies don’t only want to hurt you or destroy your good name. More than anything, they want to get into your head and alter your mind. The worst thing about bullying isn’t the physical assaults. Cuts and bruises heal easily. It isn’t even the name-calling, the smears, the rumors, or the marginalization. It’s what itContinue reading “YOUR MIND IS YOURS,AND YOURS ALONE..KEEP IT SAFE!!”